Vocal coaching



Carrie & David are the UKís best known pop vocal coaches, initially through their respective roles as vocal coaches and judges in Fame Academy, Comic Relief Does Fame Academy and Pop Idol coaches. They have worked with some of the UKís leading artists including The Spice Girls, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlotte Church, The Saturdays, Modestep, Lemar and Will Young. They also regularly judge Chorister of the Year and School Choir of the Year.

Most people think we no longer have the time to teach but thatís not true. Coaching is still our passion and we always allocate some time to do lessons. When time allows we are always keen to teach everyone from beginners to 'stars'.

We are often asked how we got started as vocal coaches. The journey started in the early 80ís. I (Carrie) had trained for fourteen years as a dancer and became a TV dancer on leaving school. At sixteen I also had my first record deal, at seventeen I represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest and at 18 I became a TV presenter. It was in Ď86 I bumped into David, who was appearing on a TV show I was fronting. He had accumulated over a dozen hit records between 1980-86, spent over 100 weeks on the UK chart and been nominated for a Brit Award.

Throughout this period and after we took singing lessons with top voice coaches both here in the UK and in the States. By the early 90ís we were running a full-time Arts school in Notting Hill in London and we were obsessed with the sound of the human voice. Our singing work was growing all the time and we found ourselves leading vocal sections for many top UK and US stars. Where lessons continued to give us technique the vocal section work sharpened our insight into the group dynamic of the voice.

It was during one such job that we really took on our role as vocal coaches. We were singing with Take That and the guys were always asking how we managed to get such a great sound from our group of singers. Eventually their management asked us to do the same for the boys on a forthcoming tour. One thing led to another and soon we found ourselves coaching pretty much full time. We were still taking lessons ourselves throughout this period and even though today we give, rather than receive lessons, we are always keen to learn and grow in what we do.

We also love playing music generally. David plays drums and piano, I play guitar, saxophone and piano.